Mezzalama Jeunes Trophy, Gressoney-La-Trinité,AO, Italy

Registration until April 16, exclusively here

The Mezzalama Trophy for young competitors will be held on Friday 24 April, the day before the Senior race. The competition is reserved for male or female teams made up of two athletes from the Junior and Cadet categories in possession of a Grande Course Jeunes card; they must be members of a ski club and regularly enrolled in the ski Federation of their home country.

THE COMPETION is also open to mixed pairs (male/female and mixed-category), with the proviso that points won by these teams will be valid exclusively for the individual classification of the Grande Course Jeunes. Mixed M/F teams will be classified as Male.

REGISTRATION, by 16 April 2015, exclusively via the site in the “jeunes” section.

ENTRY FEE € 30.00 per athlete (60 euros per team). This includes a free gadget, use of ski-lifts where necessary, and refreshments after the race, and excludes hotel accommodation. The organising committee has however arranged a special discount for teams wishing to book a room in loco. Info and booking: Tourist Office Gressoney Monte Rosa tel +390125356670

ACCREDITATION, inspection of materials and consignment of race bibs from 3 p.m. on 23 April 2015 in the Gressoney-La-Trinité multi-purpose room, next to the Punta Jolanda ticket office.

MATERIALS must comply with the Mezzalama Trophy general regulations , including crampons but with the exception of rope and ice-axe.

COURSE in compliance with national and international regulations for the categories involved. The race will take place in the Gabiet/Zindre/Salza sector of the Gressoney La Trinité-AO municipality. The Race Directors reserve the right to make any changes to the route they deem fit, at their own discretion, in the interests of the competition and with particular regard to athletes’ safety.

BRIEFING, which at least one member of the team must attend, will normally take place after accreditation procedure or at the latest, the morning before the start of the competition.

PENALISATION and DISQUALIFICATION, in keeping with national and international regulations.

COMPLAINTS must be made within 15 minutes of finishing the race, and accompanied by a payment of € 50.00.

ALL DECISIONS taken by the Race Organisers will be final and irrevocable.

PRIZE-GIVING, with the awarding of non-cash prizes, will take place after the competition at the Sporthaus in Gressoney-Saint-Jean, in the senior teams accreditation room, prior to the technical briefing.

The twentieth edition of the Mezzalama Trophy will be held on 25 April and with a month and a half to go before the start some 300 applications have already been received. Monterosa SpA announces special measures to help with training. Official presentation: Friday 27 March at Fort Bard

Spring is nearly upon us and with it the XX edition of the Mezzalama Trophy scheduled for Saturday 25 April. This year the “glacier marathon”, part of the Grande Course and World Cup Long Distance circuit of the ISMF, will be raced in reverse with respect to the usual course. Starting off from Gressoney-La-Trinité, it will cross the glaciers and peaks of the Monte Rosa massif at an altitude of nearly four thousand metres, finishing up at Breuil-Cervinia. This extraordinary edition of the historical ski mountaineering race, first run back in 1933, will kick off celebrations to be held in the summer to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the conquest of the Matterhorn. «With a month and a half still to go before the start - said Adriano Favre, technical director of the Mezzalama Trophy Foundation– we have had applications from over 300 teams, the equivalent of 900 athletes. The teams are already self-selected and the level is extremely high. So far we have examined and confirmed around 200 teams. Apart from assessing the results of the most important races in the Grande Course and World Cup, I personally look very carefully at the ski mountaineering curriculum of athletes because, for the Mezzalama Trophy, experience in high mountains is an essential requisite».
In the meantime, the athletes are intensifying their training and trying to learn more about the course which, with its inverted route, is new for everyone. Apart from a 350 mt. increase in elevation gain, the most challenging sections are considered to be the steep descents of the Naso dei Lyskamm (Lyskamm Nose) and the Castor’s west face. While the new cutoff time checkpoint at the Mantova Hut (3470 mt) seems to be slightly easier than the traditional and formidable Col de Breithorn checkpoint: men’s teams who make it to the checkpoint in under three hours can continue the race, women’s and mixed teams under 3h 15’. “I preferred to allow slightly more breathing space, about a quarter of an hour - Adriano Favre explains – so as not to push the athletes too hard on the first leg. This time, however, instead of the long slight slope of the Breithorn, the climb continues up to the Naso at 4100 mt! ”
Monterosa SpA has taken various measures to enable the “mezzalamisti” to train and try out the new course. Every morning from 5.30 until 8.15 a.m., grooming of the pistes leading up from Gressoney-La-Trinité will be suspended. The area available for training includes the G3 Jolanda slope up to the first crossroads, then left to Bedemie and on the G5 Alpericka slope, up to the Alpe Gabiet; from that point, it follows part of the G7 Salati slope up to the large plateau above the hotels, around 2500 mt above sea level. It then continues along the left-hand side track indicated by the orange poles, up to Orestes Hütte and onto the Indren off-piste area.
All the latest details regarding the XX Mezzalama Trophy 2015 will be provided during the official presentation on Friday 27 March, at 6 p.m., in the “Sala Archi Candidi” of Fort Bard

Monterosa Ski: training with champions

There are only few weeks left to the 20th edition of the Trofeo Mezzalama. This year the classical competition will follow an inverted track compared to the usual one that has been followed since 1930, from Valtournenche to Gressoney-La-Trinité, facing the glacier and the ridges of the Monte Rosa Massif.
During this period of athletic preparation, the Monterosa SpA prepared some tracks dedicated to ski mountaineering and from 5.30 AM to 8.15 AM every day the grooming of the slopes is stopped to allow the athletes to trainee on the Mezzalama 2015’s track, with the new route starting from Gressoney-La-Trinité.
The training area is established along the G3 Jolanda slope until the first crossroads, then left to Bedemie and then on the G5 Alpericka slope, up to Alpe Gabiet. From that point, it will follow part of the G7 Salati slope until the large plateau above the hotels, 2500 mt above the sea level. The track will continue then on the left hand side, following the orange poles up to Orestes Hütte and to the Indren freeride area.
The access to these track is permitted from 5.30 AM to 8.15 AM (latest departure time from Gressoney-La-Trinité).
Let’s have a look to some “advices” for the competitors:
1. We advise you to be careful to go up on the slope and to follow the poles on the left hand side, lining you up in single file;
2. It’s forbidden to cross the slope, specially under a speed bump;
3. If it’s snowing, be extremely careful to groomers and skidoos;
4. It’s strictly forbidden to change your way and go on closed slopes;
We do remind you that on the whole domain it is forbidden to practice ski mountaineering on the slopes out of the allowed time; it is possible to go across the tracks marked for this purpose, starting from Sant’Anna and from the Gabiet and marked with green flags.
The Monterosa Spa will plan the preparation of the slopes in accordance to these “training sessions”, according of course to the weather and the possible snowfalls, to let the athletes study the track and prepare their strategy competition at best.

Mantova Refuge opens on the 12th of March

A good news for competitors training for the XX Mezzalama: Mantova Refuge opens on the 12th of March and will be open all days until the beginning of May!

The Mezzalama Trophy adventure begins on 5 January, when registration for the 20th Mezzalama Trophy opens on the race’s official website.

On Monday, 5 January, registration for the 20th edition of the race, scheduled to take place 25 April, will open on the official website of the Mezzalama Trophy, Even though we still have just under four months to go before the Glacier Marathon, the teams have already begun to train in preparation for this important competitive athletic event, which will characterise the entire ski mountaineering season.
The Mezzalama Trophy, which is the third annual race on the Grande Course calendar, is part of the World Cup Long Distance circuit of the ISMF, the International Federation that regulates competitive ski mountaineering.
This year, it will be a ‘reverse’ Mezzalama kicking off on 25 April (with possible make-up dates of 26 April and 1, 2, and 3 May), with the start point at Gressoney-La-Trinité and the finish line in the heart of Breuil-Cervinia. The accepted teams could represent more than 23 nations (based on data from the 2013 event), and will need to tackle around 45 kilometres with 3,430 metres of positive difference in level and 2,867 of negative.
The registration instructions are described in full detail within the regulations. Each athlete must enter his or her data in the Grande Course database and obtain a Grande Course card, or, if his or her data was already entered in the last two-years, simply renew the card. A special video is available that clearly explains each step.
Registration forms may be submitted up to 22 March and, until then, the Foundation will select teams based on the ski mountaineering CV presented by each athlete. Once 300 teams have been accepted, any further teams meeting the requirements will be added to a wait list.
In compiling the starting list, precedence will be given to those with the best rankings in the Grande Course races and in the most prestigious specialised competitions.
Each team member, in addition to having their own Grande Course card, must be regularly enrolled with a skiing association in their own country and must indicate their athlete code.
As always, upon registration, each competitor must provide a valid sports medical certificate and a short statement indicating the most recent races completed, their placing and information certifying their ski mountaineering qualifications.
All of this will be examined by Technical Director Adriano Favre and his technical staff.
‘We have always been very thorough’, explains alpine guide Adriano Favre, ‘in assessing our athletes’ CVs. This year, we will be even more so, since the route from Gressoney-La-Trinité to Breuil-Cervinia will be much more technical and alpine.’

XX Mezzalama Trophy: from Gressoney to Breuil-Cervinia through the Mont Rose

Date: April 25, 2015

Alternative dates (in case of bad weather): April 26 or Mai 1,2,3

Registration from the 5th of January to the 22nd of March
Max 300 teams accepted

Rules available on this web site starting from the 1 January.

The next edition of the Trofeo Mezzalama, the twentieth, will be entirely new and different from its predecessors, even whilst following the same fascinating route that we all know and love.

One can easily say that no Mezzalama race is ever identical to those that preceded it, since this historical ski mountaineering competition is not held on a track, but on high mountain terrain. The environment of the four thousand, as mountaineers know well, is subject to variable snow and ice conditions and, above all, the capriciousness of spring weather. Each time, it is necessary to reckon with the 'Monte Rosa factor': often unpredictable and always changing.

And the 2015 Trofeo will be remembered for something new and unusual that will upset the athletes' habits and tactics, finding themselves confronted with a Mezzalama completely new to each and every one of them.

As is known, the 'modern' Mezzalama, which has been held every two years since 1997, has expanded the historical course adopted in the 1930s and 1970s in terms of both distance and differences in level. In fact, the course of the last nine editions has always been from Breuil-Cervinia (2020 m) to Gressoney-la-Trinité (1624 m).

In 2015, the race will instead move from Gressoney-la-Trinité to Breuil-Cervinia: the same course but in reverse. And therein the big change: the 'strenuous descents' will become 'climbs' and vice versa. It might seem like an obvious solution, but ultimately, changing the direction of the race means we will be treated to a Mezzalama that cannot help but be entirely different and surprising.

In truth, there is precedent for this change dating to far-off 1937: the veterans and people of Val d'Aosta will recall that in that year, in inauguration of the Cervinia-Plan Maison funicular that opened up the Breuil valley to new prospects for skiing, the race, founded in 1933, took place in the opposite direction. Instead of starting at Colle del Teodulo (3290 m) and crossing the finishing line at Alpe Gabiet (2350 m)—the classic route—the race kicked off at Capanna Gnifetti (3611 m) and drew to a close at Plan Maison (2548 m).

We know that the protagonist of Around the World in Eighty Days won his bet by travelling from east to west, thus gaining a day, whereas if he had gone in the opposite direction, he would have certainly lost. However, we cannot guarantee that the chronometer will provide the 'Mezzalamisti' with the same kind of surprises just pointing their skis from Gressoney to Cervinia.

The next extraordinary edition has a special motivation and occasion in store: for the 20th Mezzalama, athletes will be crossing the finishing line at the foot of Cervino to remember and celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first climb to the most beautiful and emblematic summit of the Alps. The historical ski mountaineering marathon will be paying homage to a founding moment in modern mountaineering, in anticipation of the celebrations organised for mid-July 2015.

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